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EPS is determined to break new grounds in research, education, and power distribution by bringing a wide-ranging approach into the way energy is produced and delivered. EPS lab is aspiring to bring clean, efficient, reliable, sustainable, and safe energy solutions to its clients.

Our Mission

“Bring interdisciplinary team of researchers, industry partners and community to address challenges in energy, power, environment and policy making; design & develop inventive solutions, to train next generation professionals with industry and state collaboration on education and research.”

Top Scholar Award To Dr. Arif Sarwat

Amid fellow members of the University faculty, Dr. Arif Sarwat was awarded the 2019 Top Scholar Award by FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg and Provost Kenneth G. Furton. The Top Scholar Award recognizes faculty who endeavor on groundbreaking and innovative research projects which have local and global impact. Dr. Sarwat’s work on Renewable Energy and technological development toward Smart Cities is shaping the future of how power is generated and how Smart Devices interact with each other.

Best paper Award Presented to Dr. Arif Sarwat and his Students at the Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean energy 2017

Another Best Paper award was announced for the EPS group this past July at the 2017 Advisory Board & Editorial Board Meeting of Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy (MPCE) held in Chicago, Illinois. Arif Sarwat, Mohammadhadi Amini, Alexander Domijan Jr., Aleksander Damjanovic and Faisal Kaleem were presented with the MPCE Best Paper Award for the best paper in the MPCE journal in 2016 for their work titled, Weather-based Interruption Prediction in the Smart Grid Utilizing Chronological Data.

The research presented in the paper shows the development of a tool that can predict in short and long term the number of failures and power interruptions that could happen on an electric smart grid system in a region. The Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy is committed to presenting academic achievements in the fields of modern power systems and clean energy by international engineers and researchers.