Iffat Alam received her Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and instrumentation engineering from Osmania University ,Hyderabad in 2020, India. She is  working as a Graduate Research Assistant, pursuing her M.S degree in Electrical Engineering from  Department of Engineering and computing, Florida International University under the supervision and mentorship  of Dr. Arif Sarwat. Her  research interests include Battery Management systems. Power Electronics and Smart Grid Cybersecurity systems. She has industry experience of 8 months and have worked for Amazon.uk as a ( Concession Abuse Preventions ) in Investigations Team Department.

Email: Ialam008@fiu.edu

Asham Amir received his undergraduate degree in neuroscience and statistics from the University of Florida and will be receiving his Master’s in Computer Engineering- Machine Learning in the Fall of 2021. He is currently engaged in developing and designing LearnFPL@FIU, an online learning platform dedicated to educating and training future technicians of FPL. As related to his degree, Asham has also served as a machine learning analyst through several ongoing projects. His career interests lay in the development of smart cities and neuro-integrative technologies.

Email: aamir007@fiu.edu

Graduated Students

Tanwir Khan received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from KIIT  University, Bhubaneswar, India. He worked as a Graduate Research Assistant, pursuing his M.S degree in Department of Computer Science, Florida International University under the supervision of Dr. Arif Sarwat. His  research included reliability analysis of Advanced Metering infrastructure meters(Temperature/Humidity), and life expectancy and accelerated aging of Smart Grid products and components. He also has IT industry experience of 4 years and has worked in Big data and Automation testing related projects. He joined one of the Big 4 Accounting Firm PriceWaterHouseCoopers as a Data Analytics Consultant post his graduation.

Email:  tkhan016@fiu.edu

Avinash Jeewani joined the EPSi in Fall 2018 as a Master’s student . He started to work on cybersecurity solutions with a smart grid and further expanding his domain to simulation and synthetic data for critical infrastructure, reliability analysis of grid system, renewable energy generation predictions and gaining some knowledge in Power Systems. Environment and structure at the EPSi helped a lot in learning with high-tech systems and the availability of huge datasets. He joined AICINEXT as a Machine Learning Engineer.

Juan Sanfiel has been a member of the EPSi Lab since January 2018 as an undergraduate. During his time as an undergraduate he has been working on a bidirectional charging module for electric vehicles. Juan is graduated with a Master’s Degree while working in the EPSi lab. His research interests are renewable energy and power generation/distribution. He joined Pike Engineering as Engineer I

Below are other graduate students who were working for EPSi Lab and have been graduated.

  • Farhan Khayum
  • Philip Stankovic
  • Mahdi Jamei
  • Harikrishnan Nair
  • Elaheh Zarafshan
  • Maneli Malek Pou
  • Mohammad Asif Khan