Elda Potter-Rodriguez has 3+ years expertise in programming, 2+ years expertise in balancing chemical equations, and 1+ years expertise in quality coverage. Currently in the ARIES team researching smart grid systems, Elda will hold a Bachelor’s degree in the Computing and Information Sciences in about a year. In addition to cutting-edge research, her work as an open source contributor can be found in projects like the Linux kernel.
                                                                                                             Email: epott002@fiu.edu

Salvador Salinas has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University in May 2018. He has been part of the EPS ARIES program since January 2018.  His concentrations are Power Systems, Integrated Nanotechnology and Communications


David Llanio was born in Cuba and came to the USA with his family for better opportunities, He acquired love for computers right before going into college. He chose major in Computer Engineering because he wanted to keep options open and learn as much about computers as he could. Throughout that learning process, he fell in love with Python, C, and C++. After learning those tools he sort of tripped into the AI bandwagon and made a connection with machine learning. Part of the reason he love computers is how they do stuff and produce results on their own, and AI can make computers do some crazy things and can literally be in any industry, so he knew he had to go into it. Now, that he is a student leader helping others find their own passions and guiding them on the right paths to work for their dreams. He have also been investing in himself and have amassed an arsenal of tools and knowledge. He is confident that he can tackle any challenge and hopefully have fun while doing it.

Email: dllan017@fiu.edu

Harold Delgado is an undergraduate research assistant working under the mentorship of Hassan Jafari for the Wireless Power Transfer (WPS) Project. His work consists of familiarizing and performing research with the current equipment being developed in the project, examples are, “DC-DC converters and High Frequency Inverters, along with technical knowledge of wires and terminals handling.” Thus far he have gathered a beginner level foundation of Power Systems and Power Electronics with the work from the lab and the classes he have taken at the College of Electrical and Computing Engineering. These are Power Systems 1, 2, and 3 and currently taking Power electronics this semester.
His concentrations are: Power Systems / Energy, Integrated Nano-Technology, Bio-Engineering

Email: hdelg020@fiu.edu

Yosmany Muguercia is an Electrical Engineer senior student. His areas of concentration are Power system and Control system. He with his team have been working with PhD student Hassan Jafari on the project Electric Vehicle Wireless charging since Summer 2021. One of his contributions to the project has been creating a secondary circuit board, which is essentially the main unit that allow the circuit to receive the charge from the input and give it to the battery. Another of his main tasks has been the designing and simulation of a 3D model Golf-Cart with wireless pad.

Email: ymugu002@fiu.edu

Below are other undergrads who are working for EPS Lab.

  • Maria
  • Jason
  • Brandon
  • Polina Zhukov
  • Shiekh Islam
  • Luis Ruiz
  • Steven Tolbert
  • Vicente Rosado
  • Luis Martinez
  • Marco Belliard
  • Emily Pena-Velasquez
  • Christopher Garcia
  • Dean G. Smith
  • Luis Gonzalez
  • Yosmany Muguersia
  • Jorge Feal
  • Kevin Gonzalez
  • Javier Garcia
  • Juan Saez
  • Christopher Leung
  • Yen Pinero
  • Davidson Bourdeau
  • Duilio Munguia
  • Rodrigo Valadez Schott 
  • Jennifer Tyav
  • Franklin Abreu