Elda Potter-Rodriguez has 3+ years expertise in programming, 2+ years expertise in balancing chemical equations, and 1+ years expertise in quality coverage. Currently in the ARIES team researching smart grid systems, Elda will hold a Bachelor’s degree in the Computing and Information Sciences in about a year. In addition to cutting-edge research, her work as an open source contributor can be found in projects like the Linux kernel.
                                                                           Email: epott002@fiu.edu

Salvador Salinas has recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University in May 2018. He has been part of the EPS ARIES program since January 2018.  His concentrations are Power Systems, Integrated Nanotechnology and Communications


Juan Sanfiel has been a member of the EPS Lab since January 2018. Now entering his senior year, he is due to earn his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in about a year’s time and will continue his studies at FIU to pursue his Master’s Degree. His research interests are renewable energy and power generation/distribution.