On February 21, 2014, FIU witnessed an aggregation of more than 1,500 students from elementary, middle and high schools spanning across the city. The Engineering Exposition turned out to be a great success and the Energy, Power and Sustainability Laboratory drew positive feedback from the visiting school children, teachers and representatives. A Solar Rover Robot and EHShoe project were the highlights of the Expo.

While the Solar Rover moves in the direction where there is maximum solar light intensity available, by using battery-powered motor wheels to move and motors for rotating the panels in the direction of maximum sunlight reception, the EHShoe is a Senior Design project that proposes a custom-made shoe with GPS fitted in its sole, that can be used by parents and teachers alike to monitor the whereabouts of their children.

A few pictures of the Expo are provided below.

expo1      expo2 expo3      expo4


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