The conventional electric power grid is experiencing an immense transformation over its entire spectrum of generation, transmission, and distribution through the application of numerous smart-grid actions. For ensuring secure, reliable, and economical operation of the bulk power system, resilience and cybersecurity are critically important. The bulk power grid security, reliability, and resiliency rely heavily on the security of measurements and control commands transmitted over wide-area communication networks for real-time operational, protection, and control functions that are vulnerable to various threats. In order to address the resiliency and security issues, EPSi is actively conducting research on this field and developing tools based on artificial intelligence, probabilistic estimation, and machine learning, and other powerful mathematical tools such as graph theory, game theory, optimization, and other related frameworks that would provide adequate situational awareness to securely and reliably operate the grid. These developments will contribute to advancing the resilient system of the power grid which would assist the grid to recover from the failures within a very short period of time and make the bulk system less susceptible to any kind of disturbances and natural events.