Associate Professor
EC 3913
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Florida International University

 Dr. Arif I Sarwat (M’08, SM16) has worked in the industry(Siemens) for nine years executing many multi-million dollar projects. Before joining the FIU as Assistant Professor, he was a Research Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering in the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York (SUNY).Currently, he is an Associate Professor and Director of FPL-FIU Solar Research Facility in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Florida International University (FIU), where he leads the Energy Power & Sustainability group. His research interests include smart grids, PlugIn Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (PHEV & EV Systems), high penetration renewable systems, grid resiliency, large scale data analysis, advance metering infrastructure, smart city infrastructure and cyber security. Dr. Sarwat is the recipient of the NSF CAREER award in 2016, and recipient of multiple federal and industry research awards. He was the author/co-author of conference best paper awards at the resilience week in 2017 and a journal best paper award in 2016 from Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy journal. Dr. Sarwat received, Faculty Award for Excellence in Research & Creative Activities in 2016, College of Engineering & Computing Worlds Ahead Performance in 2016 and FIU TOP Scholar Award in 2015. Dr. Sarwat worked at Siemens for more than nine years, winning three recognition awards. He is chair of IEEE Miami Section VT and Communication since 2012.

Smart Grid, PHEV & EV Systems, High Penetration Renewable Systems, Power System Reliability, Large Scale Distributed Generation Integration, Central Command & Diagnostic Center, Large Scale Data Analysis, Electric Power Engineering, Industry Efficiencies, Interoperability, Advance Metering Infrastructure, Infrastructure Cyber Security, SFCL, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Power Systems, Distributed Power Systems, Micro-grids, Storage, Exploring Links between Weather, Reliability, Economics and Markets, Machine Drives, Demand Response and Demand Side Management, Predictive Self Healing Networks and Strategic Load Pockets are some of his areas of research interest.

Prospective PhD Candidates: The Energy, Power & Sustainability (EPS) group is interested in hiring creative and innovative graduate students for Fall 2016 with focus on conducting high-end research in one or more of the following areas: (1) Research in renewable resource integration into the smart grid; (2) Data mining and analysis involving predictive modeling, including but not limited to knowledge (at least preliminary) of languages and tools such as R, Hadoop, Weka; and (3) Intuitive visualization model development using Java, Python, PHP and/or C++ and .NET based programming (additional knowledge in web programming of and beyond HTML, JQuery, JSP, JavaScript and XML is an advantage). Applicants must have a strong background in computer programming and analytical reasoning, and grit towards pursuing cutting-edge research culminating in effective engineering solutions and solid technical publications. Prospective candidates should send their CV to the Director, Dr. Arif Sarwat, at asarwat[at]fiu[dot]edu, by including their key research interests and academic credentials. Please check the Department of ECE’s requirements and list Dr. Sarwat as the potential advisor in their admission application.

Contact Information

Office Number: EC3913
Lab Number: EC 3920
Phone (office): (305) 348-4941

Phone (Lab): 305 348 2935
Mail: Florida International University (FIU),10555 West Flagler St., EC3913
Miami, FL 33174